Frequently Asked Questions

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Employees & Job Seekers

+ Q: How do I login?
Please click here to login if you have an existing account. If you do not have an account, please click the Sign Up link below the login area of that page.
+ Q: I forgot my password?
Please click here to go to the login page, please click the Forgot Password link below the login area of that page. Follow the instructions to reset your password.
+ Q: How do I create a profile?
Creating a profile is simple on QuickHire, when you login for the first time, we will take you through a short onboarding process. Once complete, your profile will also be complete! To begin, please click the Sign Up link below the login area of that page. Easy as that. You can edit it later by clicking the icon from any page once logged in.
+ Q: Do I need a profile photo? I can't upload a profile photo.
We're a very visual platform, as such, we require a profile photo for our users. Studies have shown, users with a professional looking profile picture receive 30% more interviews than those without.
+ Q: Can I just upload my resume?
Absolutely! Once you have an account with us, you can upload your resume by going to your profile and clicking the edit button on the top. Once you're in edit mode, there will be a resume section with an upload button. Click that to choose a resume you want to upload. No resume? No problem! We build a resume for you based on your profile information so be sure to make sure that information is complete to the best of your ability.
+ Q: What if I don't have a resume?
You don't have to upload one. We automatically create a resume for you for employers based on your profile. So to put your best foot forward, make sure your profile is complete!
+ Q: I notice that you can only list one zip code at a time, but does that then search only the zip code, the major city nearby? A particular mileage range?
Your assumption is correct. If you want to search for other areas, you would have to change your zip code.
+ Q: How could one search for remote positions?
Given we focus on service industry jobs, there are not a terribly large amount of remote positions available.
+ Q: How do I apply for a job?
Applying for jobs is simple, once you're logged in and viewing a job, click the check mark button on the web or slide right if you're on a mobile device. That's it! You've successfully applied for a job.
+ Q: How do I check jobs applied to?
You can check which jobs you've applied for by clicking on the My Jobs button at the top of the page. All the jobs applied for are listed there.
+ Q: I scheduled an interview and can't remember the time, how can I check? How do I confirm my scheduled interview?
We send confirmation texts to you when you apply for an interview, the time, date and location are in that message. If you need further information, you can check for scheduled interviews under your My Jobs section. Go there and click the job you have the interview with.
+ Q: How can I get my W2? How can I get a copy of my pay stubs?
We don't have that information, you will have to talk with your employer.
+ Q: Are there any job postings outside of the United States or Canada?
At this time we are only in the U.S. and Canada.


+ Q: I was wondering if there are any notifications I can set for when someone books an interview?
We don't do a notification for every time someone books an interview because it can be a lot, we do have a daily email that is sent out first thing in the morning that tells you your schedule for the day. You can also look at the schedule on the interview page to see your future interviews.
+ Q: I just signed up and I'm under the free plan but there is no option to post a job on my app?
We do not have a free plan. Please go to the plans page and view our options.
+ Q: The website will not let me post a job. It tells me I need to upgrade my plan.
We do not have a free plan. Please go to the plans page and view our options
+ Q: How do I deactivate my account?
Go to your profile. Scroll to the bottom and click the Deactivate Account button.
+ Q: I am an employer. If I want to post a job, can I sign up for just one month or do I need to sign up for longer?
You can sign up for one month and there is no contract.
+ Q: What platforms do you cross post to?
We cross post every job as a sponsored Indeed ad (visibility on first two pages) and numerous other job boards and aggregators.
+ Q: Can QuickHire integrate with my ATS?
Yes, we can. We need an open API. You can also use QuickHire as a standalone tool.
+ Q: How does QuickHire mitigate no call no shows?
Our platform automatically texts candidates for interviews to confirm or reschedule.
+ Q: Do I get a QuickHire Specialist at the Basic package?
No, the expertise of our QuickHire Specialists comes with our Pro plan.
+ Q: What if I want the Pro package of offerings but only have 1 job to post?
No problem, we can customize a package that makes sense for you. Contact us here.